Thursday, March 08, 2007

Message from Cecil Murphey

As many of you know, on the morning of February 27, 2007 Cecil Murphey lost his house to a fire. His he, his wife and his daughter were able to escape but his son-in-law was killed during the fire.

God seems to have performed miracle after miracle since that fire. His hard drive was recovered, most of his important papers (passport etc) were recovered and the least damaged of all the rooms was Cec's office. His church, his community and writers from around the world have poured out their hearts in prayer and opened their wallets to help Cec and his family out until the insurance money comes through. I thought this particular paragraph from an email Cec sent was a great example of where this writer's heart continues to reside:
From an email sent 3/6/07 by Cecil "Cec" Murhpey
"For a long time I sat by myself and watched the fire fighters try to put out the fire. In the midst of that, the words of Job 2:10 came to me. Job's wife saw all the chaos and loss and told her husband to curse God and die. He replied, `We have received good from the hand of the Lord. Shall we not also receive evil?' As that verse filled my mind, I heard myself say, `Who am I to feel I should be exempt?' "

Of course the greatest loss to this family is Alan Hege, Cec's son-in-law. Please continue to pray for the family and for Cec's daughter, C-C (Cecile) who is obviously mourning the loss of her dear husband.

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