Friday, March 16, 2007

Writing Op - 108 Celebrating Baseball

Sandlot Media
Celebrating Baseball
517 N. Mountain Ave.
Upland CA 91786

Phone: (909)912-0134
Fax: (909)912-0197
Web site:
Contact: Phil Osterholt, managing editor.

Format: Magazine covering baseball.
Frequency: Quarterly

About 108: "108 celebrates baseball's contribution to and role in American history, culture, and community through in-depth feature articles, short fiction, photography and original artwork."
Freelance Facts

* 75% freelance written
* Established: 2006
* Circulation: 40,000
* Pays on publication.
* Publishes manuscript 1-2 months after acceptance.
* Byline given.

Rights purchased:
* First North American serial rights
* One-time rights
* Electronic rights
* Makes work-for-hire assignments
# Editorial lead time 3-6 months.
# Submit seasonal material 3-6 months in advance.

Accepts queries by:
* Mail
* E-mail
* Sample copy for $7.95.
* Writer's guidelines available via e-mail.

Submit nonfiction to

* Essays
* Historical
* Humor
* Inspirational
* Interview/Profile
* Personal Experience
* Photo Feature
* Buys 20-30 manuscripts/year.
* Submission method: Query with or without published clips or send complete manuscript.
* Length: 1,000–7,000 words.
* Sometimes pays the expenses of writers on assignment.

* State availability of or send photos with submission.

* GIF/JPEG files

Photos Require:
* Captions
* Identification of subjects
* Model Releases
* Buys one-time rights
* Negotiates payment individually.

Columns & Departments:
* Columns open to freelancers: Growing Up (children of MLB players, what it's like); Beyond the Boxscore (greater significance of a single game/moment); Whatever Happened To (profile on player who fell out of the limelight); Teammates (tales of extraordinary baseball friendships), all 1,500-2,000 words.
* Buys 16 columns/year.
* Submission method: Query with or without published clips or send complete manuscript
* Pays 50¢-$1/word.

"As long as baseball is an integral part of the story, we'll take a look." Submit to

* Historical
* Horror
* Humorous
* Mainstream
* Mystery
* Slice-of-life Vignettes
* Suspense
* baseball
* Buys 10-15 manuscripts/year.
* Submission method: Send complete manuscript.
* Length: 2,000–7,000 words.
* Pays 50¢-$2/word.

Publishes baseball-related poetry.
o Buys 4-6 poems/year.
o Submit maximum 3 poems.
o Pays 50¢-$1/word.

Tips: "We tell the great stories that help make baseball the great game it is. We're looking for great stories—not statistical-laden entries from a baseball encyclopedia. We prefer complete manuscripts to queries."

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